Flexible rental of COBOX station

Reduce operating costs without incurring liabilities.

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COBOX® - robotised workstation for CNC machine tools operation

Designed for independent operation and programming, a universal, mobile solution based on a collaborative robot.

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ROBOWIZARD – Machine Tending Expert Software

ROBOWIZARD Software - professional software for easy self-service of robotic workstations. Developed with your employees in mind!

Mobility and versatility
Safety and ease of use
Immediate delivery
Installation in 8 hours
Support for COBOX++ implementation


The COBOX workstation has been CE marked

This means that it has been designed with the requirements of the Machinery Directive and related standards. COBOX is a finished and ready to use device.

Pilot implementations
We install COBOX test stands at the Client's premises

If you have had a bad experience with automation, we recommend using the Pilot Implementation service, which involves installing a COBOX test station at the customer's premises. The station is adapted to work with the machine and to support the product specified by the customer. The implementation is handled by Cobot Planet Application Engineers.

Planning and efficiency

Immediate benefits of automation

COBOX means rapid installation and implementation. Our experience shows that in most cases it is possible to start production within 8 hours of installing the station. This is the new standard in production process automation.

Case studies
COBOX construction allows for implementation in a couple of weeks

The Cobot Planet team guarantees delivery and implementation of the COBOX station at the customer's site in 4 weeks after signing the contract. The short delivery time allows a quick return on investment in automation and solves production labor shortages.

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