Planning and efficiency

Unlike stationary automation systems, COBOX is used where it is optimal from a manufacturing technology point of view. COBOX can work with many types of CNC machine tools, irrespective of the model, year of production, type of machine control.
Once the machine tools have been adapted to work with COBOX, the station can be freely moved between them. Thanks to the C-Interconnector and a simple mounting system, installation of the station takes no more than 15 minutes and works on a plug-and-play basis. The specially designed transport platform makes moving the workstation extremely easy and efficient.

The mobility of the COBOX allows flexible production planning and improves the efficiency of automation investments.
For maximum effect from the investment in COBOX, it is recommended that several machines are adapted to work with the station. Cobot Planet provides the necessary hardware and support for adapting the machine tool to work with COBOX.

Adapting a CNC machine tool to work with COBOX requires:

  • installation of 4 mounting anchors;
  • installation of a signal cube and feeding of signals from the PLC ladder of the machine tool according to a scheme provided by Cobot Planet (action carried out by the machine tool service or Customer's maintenance department);
  • provision of 230V power supply and compressed air.

Depending on the current configuration and technical state of the machine tool, it may be necessary to install pneumatic or hydraulic vices (milling machines) and optional automatic door opening (lathes and milling machines).

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