Why us?

When you work with Cobot Planet, you get a ready-to-run (CE declaration of conformity), configurable CNC machine tool workstation and optional implementation support.

Within a few weeks, we will help you solve problems with the efficiency of your machine park and access to staff. Our solutions not only reduce production costs, but also increase the quality of the manufactured workpiece. Thanks to the broad competence of our team (automation, programming, design) and our many years of experience in machining, we understand our customers' needs perfectly. Each of our solutions has been subjected to many hours of testing under production conditions, during which the workstations were optimised to the maximum.

Mobility and versatility

Unlike stationary automation systems, COBOX is used where it is optimal from a manufacturing technology point of view. COBOX can work with many types of CNC machine tools, irrespective of the model, year of production, type of machine control.


The COBOX workstation has been CE marked. This means that it has been designed and built in accordance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive and related standards. This is the highest safety standard, ensuring that the COBOX is a finished and ready to use device.

Immediate delivery

The Cobot Planet team guarantees delivery and implementation of the COBOX station at the customer's premises within 4 weeks of signing the contract – a turnkey CE ready implementation package. The short delivery time allows for a quick return on investment in automation and solves production vacancy problems.

Installation in 8 hours

COBOX means rapid installation and implementation. Our experience shows that in most cases it is possible to start production within 8 hours of delivery of the station. This is the new standard in production process automation.


Proper training of personnel in robotization will enable comprehensive production planning and better use of working time. Flexible and easy automation is a decisive factor in the struggle to improve the efficiency of the machine park.

Support for COBOX++ implementation

Our team will work out all aspects relevant to the successful implementation of the workpiece, such as gripping, feeding or trajectory, and will assist in selecting or designing the appropriate gripper fingers to achieve high precision when picking up and mounting the component.

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