The advent of cobots is an undisputed breakthrough in automation. In addition to their 'collaborative nature', cobots are equipped with a user-friendly graphical programming environment. They are thus becoming a useful tool in the hands of creative entrepreneurs and engineers open to innovation, often without much experience in automation, let alone robot programming. The undisputed leader in this field is Universal Robots.

The Cobot Planet team of developers and application engineers decided to go one step further. We set ourselves the goal of developing an application-specific software package that meets the following requirements: 

  • the developed recipes are to perfectly reflect the hardware configurations found in the CNC industry (type of machine tool, number of spindles/vices);
  • it should enable the user to work independently, easily and comfortably with the robot (including handling assortment changes);
  • it should enable entrepreneurs and managers to quickly train employees to work with the cobot;
  • it should ensure high safety standards for the use of the cobot in accordance with current standards.

The result of our team's work is ROBOWIZARD Software. Our software has been developed for Universal Robots brand cobots. We were the first company in Poland to obtain Universal Robots+ Certified status for our software. The recipe package for UR is constantly being developed and currently our team is finalising the software package for the FANUC CRX family of robots.


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