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COBOX - advanced station for CNC machine tending

  • By cooperating with Cobot Planet, you receive a ready to work (CE declaration of conformity), configurable station to operate CNC machine tools and support in its will carry out the subsequent implementation steps, according to precise instructions and with access to professional consultations
  • Within a few weeks, we can help you solve your fleet capacity and labor shortage.
  • COBOX solution not only reduces production costs, but also increases the quality of manufactured parts.
  • The station's configurability allows for independent, rapid change of assortment: up to 20 minutes without moving the station, up to 30 minutes with transfer to another machine tool.
  • Your Team's competencies can be shifted from simple repetitive activities to higher value-added tasks.
  • Contact us and choose the optimal automation path for you with Cobot Planet (pilot implementation, CE turnkey implementation, CE station delivery, "integration sets" delivery).

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