Our mission

At Cobot Planet we see how fast the world is changing. Informatisation, computing and automation are touching every area of our lives. We are convinced that this is an inevitable trend.

Cobot Planet's mission is to design and offer cobot accessories that enable market participants (users, integrators) to automate their own and their customers' business processes in an efficient, convenient and safe way.

  • Do you need a specific component to implement or enhance your application (e.g. cobot mounting)?
  • Do you want to build a complete cobot workstation quickly and at a reasonable cost?
  • Do you want to be sure that strict safety standards are maintained at the same time?

We are constantly working on comprehensive solutions for specific, most common cobot use cases (e.g. CNC tending). This enables us to offer proven technical solutions and support in their implementation. We will not only help you build the application, but also share with you our knowledge of what the automation of a particular business process entails in practice. We will explain how it affects the organisation and safety of work, manufacturing technology and the technical requirements of the machinery.

Only 4 steps separate you from automation with Cobot Planet!

Just leave a message through the contact form and you will be one step closer to improving your production.

We want to inspire entrepreneurs, business executives and employees to changes while making automation more accessible than ever. At Cobot Planet, we are aware that convenient and affordable automation can be the building block for many businesses to adapt to operate in an increasingly demanding global environment.

Nikodem Bernacki

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