The FANUC CRX collaborative robot offers plugin (plug and play) software, allowing the interface to be easily connected to peripheral devices. To control the robot, the manufacturers provide users with an intuitive touch panel with graphical symbols and a clear interface with useful drag-and-drop and programming functions. This allows even beginners to create working programmes in just a few steps. Just like with a CNC machine, you can easily adjust the position of the robot using the dials on the control panel screen. This feature is particularly useful in small productions that require frequent changes.

For the Cobot Planet Applications Engineering team, the main focus and direction of development is the need to create innovation, so we are constantly looking for areas that we can optimise by implementing proprietary solutions. In order to better understand and adapt the product to the needs of our customers, we constantly conduct market research to understand expectations and respond efficiently.

We fully understand that the gripping device is an important accessory for any collaborative robot, as it is used for tasks such as palletising, handling, positioning or mounting the workpiece in the jaws of a vice. Grippers are usually available with general accessories, but we have nevertheless noticed that very important options that ensure safe and precise automation of part gripping are often missing.

In order to guarantee the most efficient automation of workpiece gripping, the Cobot Planet team developed a proprietary module to activate and control Robotiq Adaptive Grippers (Hand-E, 2F-85 and 2F-140) directly on the teach pendant tablet. The ability to detect gripped workpieces is one of the most advanced features of the plug-in, as it streamlines the machining process enormously. The module also allows the gripper ID to be changed.

This has allowed us to expand our range with further configurations of the COBOX by Cobot Planet workstation, which are perfect for demanding production environments. Both the FANUC CRX collaborative robot and the Robotiq Hand-E gripping device meet IP67 protection requirements. The above parameter ensures proper and trouble-free operation of the COBOX by Cobot Planet workstation in harsh production conditions.

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